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The Mischievous Minty Cat Stories by

Kassie Shipley-Jenkins

The Mischievous Minty Cat
Children's Stories

Written and Illustrated by © Kassie Shipley-Jenkins 2021

 The Mischievous Minty Cat Stories are delightfully engaging Children’s Short Stories with Minty the cat telling us about her adventures with her friends, In the Garden and the Wood.

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Meet The Writer

My name is Kassie Shipley-Jenkins. The Mischievous Minty cat stories were written in 2007 when I lost my first cat Porsche.
I am a mad passionate reader and can always be found with a book in my bag, I have been writing all my life since a very young girl, where I would always change the endings of all the books.
I am now a full-time carer for my father, and we still reside with my brother David. During the lockdown, a curious set of incidents that happened all in the same week that led to the stories bringing Mischievous Minty to Life again.

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The website is a fantastic piece of art showcasing the books. It draws you in so much it wants you to look and see more. The illustrations are wonderful they are perfect for the stories. It is drawing people into your world, and they enter and see it through your eyes. The Audio does the same it asks you to follow the Story Tellers as she takes you on the journey of the story and you are drawn to her voice as she is telling the story, exactly how she wrote it. I am looking forward to getting my first book it looks amazing. It is very well done. Don in Devon.
Brian Rudge
Brian RudgeBromsgrove
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The books are very well written, I thoroughly enjoyed the stories, liked that they were short. I loved the characters with names. My only advice would be for a children’s book make the pictures much larger and that will brighten them up, so that the children can see the characters, but I liked the drawings. I loved it, I can not wait for book 2. Well done, keep going you are really good at them. I would like to read more of them, children will love them, I do.

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