Reflections by Kassie Shipley Jenkins

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Hello my name is Kassie Shipley-Jenkins and I’m the Storyteller from the

In this Audio I’m sad to announce that my beloved Cat Miley Millone, who we have a book about rescuing her as a kitten is no longer with us as she developed a severe heart problem. I’m heartbroken to lose her. I’m lost without her loving she was such a sweet cat and loved to hear my stories often contributing her meows and purrs in them as sound effects.

She would actually come running to me when she heard me doing live audio to join in. I will miss that going forward.

So for all the pet lovers who have lost their pets suddenly to an illness or accident they may find comfort in this little poem.

So here is a tribute from a beautiful kitty Miley Millone.

I would like to give special Thanks and Appreciation to Mileys Vet Ivanlin the Feline Vet at Clent Hills Vetinary Surgery In Bromsgrove and all the vets & staff their for all that they do to look after our special friends, our closest family.

There was nothing he could do for Miley, although he tried everything to save her.

What a wonderful fantastic job they do everyday caring for our beloved pets.

For everyone who is losing or have experienced losing their beloved babies and best friends know that as an animal lover and pet owner myself I know what your going through, that’s why I use my voice and words to highlight these moments. With poems, your thoughts & words are a great way to express your emotions of love, sorrow & sadness for the emptiness you feel at their loss.

Kassie Shipley-Jenkins. Nov 2023